mardi 8 mai 2012

Faces of Ashes

Welcome to the new Sun Preachers' blog !

Our new LP Faces of Ashes is coming really soon, five tracks of heavy psyché rock with a special live feeling !
We hope you'll enjoy it !
It will be released as soon as we get enough fucking money to send it to vinyl press ! Until then, the album will be available for listening on the bandcamp page of the band in a few days :
Stay tuned!

Faces of Ashes :

01 - Spahn Ranch Campfire
02 - In the church of blind drunks, the preacher is one eyed man
03 - Nail King
04 - Mountain queen and dirty white man
05 - Drift Away

Recorded and mixed at "l'atelier" (Vensac city, France) by Antoine Gonzalez and Benoît Senon.
Artwork by Thierry Clary.

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