samedi 26 mai 2012


free download credits have been stopped, we are really sorry for this, and we don't want you pay for a digital album.

"If your download credits drop to zero, your music will still be available, but your free tracks and albums will automatically switch to paid."  FUCK THIS !!!

 free album download we'll be back on 6/10/12.

until this you can go here to get "Faces of Ashes"
cheers !

mardi 8 mai 2012

Faces of Ashes

Welcome to the new Sun Preachers' blog !

Our new LP Faces of Ashes is coming really soon, five tracks of heavy psyché rock with a special live feeling !
We hope you'll enjoy it !
It will be released as soon as we get enough fucking money to send it to vinyl press ! Until then, the album will be available for listening on the bandcamp page of the band in a few days :
Stay tuned!

Faces of Ashes :

01 - Spahn Ranch Campfire
02 - In the church of blind drunks, the preacher is one eyed man
03 - Nail King
04 - Mountain queen and dirty white man
05 - Drift Away

Recorded and mixed at "l'atelier" (Vensac city, France) by Antoine Gonzalez and Benoît Senon.
Artwork by Thierry Clary.